Dating My Daughter Chapters 1 & 2 – A Very Involved Heart

Wolfe Hearte

Hello again Gamers, Wolfe Hearte here to save the day again… by tanking a very arduous playthrough in both chapters.

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Few personal thoughts about this game

Now, bear with me and yes there are a few. One is particularly tricky, but I can appreciate some subtlety in the mini games. Of course my problem with mini-games in general should be taken into account. I also give fair warning I don’t go in for the ‘Princess By Day’ types. I happen to be a dominant mind in person. So the whole experience is basically be a good little puppy and win the right combination of points. Thing is, there is an option for BDSM points to gain – and they don’t come into play in the first chapter until the last two given days.

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I will say the art work is to greater extent, very well done. The sexuality and character investment is very clearly fleshed out. Outside of the fact the two main focuses do not act in a manner I find exactly attractive. Other than the fact that for a person who’s so clearly painted as falling in love and who keeps stating many times in build up that she feels safe and trusts you, she is a VERY guarded girl. It’s a lot like playing “” actually, if you don’t use a walkthrough. Which isn’t currently available to download as yet, but Wolfie has connections as it were. Perks of being a reviewer *winks mischievously*. In honesty I didn’t get a perfect run because I didn’t use the walkthrough up to last night. I played both chapters mostly blind. It was highly frustrating and required a lot of saves.

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I freely admit that since the game wants your focus as the Token Hero to be on your Daddy/Lil relationship (Yes, I do think the devs have that kink, and no I’m not really big on that myself) it goes out of it’s way to make the characters beat you over the head with “incest is wrong… eww.”

Problem in story-craft is; as far as immersion, it actually breaks either the characters emotionally in follow through, or it breaks suspension of disbelief. I’ll explain, it is fantasy.
Everyone knows that the game is fantasy. Considering how ‘Naive’ the girl is – which honestly would get her assaulted or killed in real life, but lets not go there right now – it should be taken for granted that anyone invested enough to download several gigs and hours in gaining access to the game, would by virtue be alright with the concept which is the core driving force of the game.

Thus, it is perfectly allowable to let the characters be more comfortable with the idea themselves. Ease into it, fine. Be a slow burn, fine. However, there is a thin line between anticipation and agony.

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The problem with her playing princess the whole game WHILE also being increasingly willing to do sexual things “if he plays her way” reads; decode me and you get sex. Fuck up even once and you get a game over. People get that often enough out of a real relationship. If I wanted to solve a I’d go do that. A game can present choice, and follow through on several paths, while not using “Challenge” as a gate to progress. It does very much become a four letter word. Rant done.

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You can pursue other options, but you are very much not really supposed to. There is an option to fuck a few attractive enough women.
Though one thing I don’t like is two of them are daughter’s best friends. And both – BOTH – of them are almost flat as a board and just as petite as daughter. Daughter has big enough breasts she regularly “needs” you to massage them for pain. She also does at one point talk of reduction. As an eighteen year old. With no confidence, and killer curves. Honestly, there is innocent, and there is completely dense.

Guess which she comes off as. I am only excusing it to a point. I know that when you have the body of a Ferrari everyone thinks you’ll be beating them off with a bat. That’s not always the case due to other people’s confidence issues.
Still, you could have given one friend a B or C cup at least. I appreciate different body types but for the friends, they went truly petite. Every other older female you can invest in – which much drumming on of “oh my garwd the consequences” is basically Cindy Crawford in her hay-day.  Except for the small points of uncanny valley that are forgivable, but noticeable for the amount of time the game expects it’s players to invest.

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About the story

The story is mostly well crafted. Outside of my personal preferences not matching and I take ownership of that. I would encourage players to use their own judgement.
There may be a route for a harem eventually since you can date multiple women. Though the only actual intercourse you’ll have in the first chapter involves the other women.

There are two scenes available and one is entirely missable if you choose to reject a condom. In the context it’s given and considering your company at the time is your daughter, most would go that route without thinking to try to avoid the dreaded “pervert” vibe. Which again is something that gets harped on a LOT in this game.

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Another thing about it though is if both of them felt so damned bad about themselves for wanting this, even as they admit they might actually really want it, they would simply not do it. At all. It’s a little counter-intuitive and it takes away from the potential I see in the story if they’d lax on those two points a bit. Less guard, more acceptance. Less judgement, would let players be at ease as much as the characters would come off more natural.

You could actually remove one of the three sex options. I said there are two scenes and there are, because out of three options, you can only choose two of the girls, and that’s if you want to “cheat” on your pretend but not really girlfriend, who is your daughter.

Oh, one more thing. Then I’ll stop harping, because honestly this game does have potential to be a truly romantic story. If a kinked version of romance, but I don’t name myself Wolfe for not having a wild side.

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In the second chapter, and I do get why they go on about this and go far out of the way to try and subtly say it might happen anyway, but of course “it’s a bad thing” again – both the Dad and Daughter freak after they finally have sex. They eventually get to the point we all fantasize about because it’s not so common in reality. He creampies her. By that point, she’s gotten contraceptives, which I’ve stated in several reviews now I have issues with.
Specifically because it does cater to a certain kink. I think that’s more an amplification of natural impulse due to the hard-wired desire to continue our species’ existence, sue me. I’ll never call it a fetish properly. If some do, that’s alright, I simply disagree.

The issue for me is, the daughter outright says she wants kids. Hell, one of her friends that you can get sexual with states that she would love to be pregnant by him, but you might get that if you choose the wrong option in pursuing her like I did, because I used the condom on a mirror of my relationship with my daughter, who wanted to try a different cock than her Daddy.
Again, I think that was done subtly to state there will be branches in future that might involve both main characters going more “healthy” routes. It will however, still feel like punishing the player.

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As far as it goes, if the developer has enough foresight to progress the relationship to the point she’s not mad that he comes inside of her, and she expresses several times the idea she wants to marry him and have kids then maybe birth control in a fantasy context should not be an issue.

Character progression in the relationship emotionally to be ready for that, fine… I get that. However I’d also argue versus the milking that is more paetron-based than anything, it should again be assumed that both characters would be willing to do that.

It doesn’t have to be completely realistic to sell immersion in the fantasy, that one “naive but well-meaning if also highly controlling and seriously spoiled” female would simply choose not to take the pill. Or state she doesn’t want to, because she doesn’t care about that issue.

She’s with her Daddy and he’ll protect her from the big bad world etc. Give the player that agency, to say clearly it’s something he or she wants as possible in the story’s arc of future.
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On that note, I’d argue putting up front before the story begins as an intro that isn’t a tutorial the fact that there are a couple variant branches.
That at the end, with the “correct” choices made there won’t be a punishment. You can have the harem path, I would however truly nix the mother. From the story preferably. Since that’s not likely with her intrinsic involvement in chapter two, I’d say instead either have her get a true legal comeuppance or have her randomly killed off in an accident or something. Do not make it possible, or imply any probability that family as it was in the beginning might mend. It broke in lore, for a reason. It probably wasn’t all his fault, and it might not have been all of hers. So let what was and is broken, stay that way.

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Dad has the daughter, he has two of her friends, he has at least two true adult females I can think of that could be interested in a and one of those two was outright stated to be. In the end, I would best like to see him actually marry one of the girls that it would be legal to allow.  I’d like to see all the others willing to be his but “in secret.” It’s all been secret anyway, and they won’t stop wanting him at this point of investment, just because they all find out he’s fucking more than just them.

Oh, one other small nit-pick. Jennifer is not a “virgin” if she’s used a dildo. She might never have had  sex with a person, but she has had penetration, so that ship has sailed.
The idea that Dad is “too large” for her would medically come down to comparative sizes, not her actual ability to house him. There are a few issues that make it less likely she could, but those are not common.

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I will say as far as elements in the story go, if you’re going to go for the “dun dun duh” of a r**e scene then don’t make it a game over. She got assaulted and Dad helps her deal with it.

As far as realism goes, if I choose not to take the defense course and I also choose not to press charges, let it happen. Let guilt flow and honestly, let her deal with it. In the core of my problems with this game she actually treats Dad like she’s constantly afraid he will force her. And I admit I played the first part second, so it was a bit backward. It messes over the whole romance part in the game. I actually think it could be done realistically and without graphically triggering.
To show that it is survivable. To help those that have suffered know like with the major point in this game, you’re not worthless. How much time does Daddy spent boosting her confidence like that. The whole damned game. I’m not even joking and she looks like Skipper grew Barbie’s curves.
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Let that event be a break point. She could react in a fully closed off way. Not because this was all a horrible idea and all guys suck, but because that kind of wound naturally screws your head. With all the other complexities and her intrinsic vulnerable state, she could push Dad away, and come to regret it later so you as the MC can choose to fully and safely pursue another character.
She could literally say it’s not you it’s me, and completely mean it. Knowing she’d have to live with the choice, because she won’t be able to face him again once that door closes. She’d perhaps do it anyway. Some victims do, and it’s not a wrong choice. It’s simple self-protection. I will say I doubt very highly much of the above will be implemented.

The main goal is to build a relationship. Not break one, but that’s another level of frustration in the mechanics to me.

They let you date multiple girls and then beat you over the head for essentially being a highly sexual fully adult male who at the heart of it, isn’t getting his needs met. While acting like a Daddy Dom, and your princess’ good little puppy at the same time. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Pick one. He’s the dominant in control and he’s protective of her. She accepts that protection as it lets her absolutely trust that her father will never do anything to harm her, or she is the one in the driver’s seat, in which case she’s not really any better than all that’s been implied of the mother.

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I would actually love to see him be alright with accepting that every girl he meets wants to tell daughter that they’re dating, or actively join in “corrupting” her. It’s setting up a harem, and I like that point if they go that route.

What I don’t like is the idea it’s going to be massively punished. All of the females who are so focused on MC they want to “steal” him from daughter, should not ever express interest in other men. Elena, I am looking at you and virgin country boy.

That just boiled my biscuits if you’ll pardon the play. A part of me was like, okay well if you want to go let other guys do that, good riddance. As much as I really did not want to see that happen, I want the ability to be clear about the fact Dad’s heart is more than capable of loving several people at once. If you can date multiples, who says you automatically see them in any different light than you shine over the paragon who is Daughter.

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I’m going to assume they’ll put at least another chapter or perhaps two before the story rolls into a climax. There will likely be several more before the end. If you wanted to create a real knot out of players intestines though, you could spin an end where all of the girls/women you can chase and fuck will end up pregnant. With all of the children tested by blood to belong to Dad. At least then I’d get a good howl out of how in the hell he’d have enough money to spoil them all. A man can dream, and you know what they say. Sweet dreams are made of these, so who am I to disagree?

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