Manila Shaw: Blackmail Obsession – A Long Streak of Rough Days

By: Wolfe Hearte

Game Review

Hello Fellow Gamers, so I seem to be cranking a lot of levers with some of the folks based on polls. This one probably isn’t going to make me more popular.

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Now, this is a game I’ve played and been intrigued by since I first caught on to it many months ago. It had about a playable week then. It’s up to perhaps two or more by now. I’ve not fully finished the current version which is 0.16 so far. I have to say right off, the combat is in SERIOUS need of tweaking. In HER favor.

Manila Shaw Blackmail Obsession - Sexy Latin Girl
Manila Shaw Blackmail Obsession – Sexy Latin Girl

Manila might be a walking magnet for every stalker/criminal in the city, and she might be built like Barbie on steroids (while being a virgin and of latin look, explain that to me) but for a person who is in lore stated at one point to be the best person on the force – after going into a double fight with a “mutant” doubling as a ninja turtle for all the good you can do in that fight the first round, she’s really a very weak combatant.

That’s down to balancing. I’ll explain; she has a gun. She is a cop. Simple A to B says she’s trained with it extensively if the writer knew anything about police work and requirements in general. It should be her go to weapon in the USA. If Kilian city is anything like parts of LA, it’s a no-brainer.

Manila Shaw Blackmail Obsession - Sexy Cop in Action
Manila Shaw Blackmail Obsession – Sexy Cop in Action

Manila has to use a green bar to even get the option to use her gun. She also can and frequently does miss. At what one can assume is reasonably close range. Her kick, which can stun, only does once in a blue moon. It can also miss, and it uses a blue bar. Both of which are as finite as your hit points. The enemies rarely miss, and most can attack twice and three times in one shot as far as I have seen.

You don’t get that option until you hit level 3 and even then, the second shot you take can miss. The gun also costs bullets. If you are going to make it be a resource heavy item, there are two things that should be for proper balance. A) Do not make it possible to miss, and B) Make it do enough damage so all the bullets you waste money on count. It should be a one shot kill. Even for a beretta. Most people do not survive a well-placed shot anywhere in their body.

Manila Shaw Blackmail Obsession - Sexy Latin Girl -ALLISON TROUBLE
Manila Shaw Blackmail Obsession – Sexy Latin Girl -ALLISON TROUBLE

Yes the rule also applies to cops, but she is the hero. Instead of kevlar that does effectively nothing since in most runs you’re not nearly going to be able to afford to see that it does very, very little to help you, just let her dodge like she’s spider man. Woman, or Gwen Stacy. She dies often enough, and gets f***ed by villains. She qualifies.

Given all the red choices you can make, which I always take out of sheer frustration with the combat, she could also qualify straight up for Dead Pool. If you take them, more often than not it’s not going to be just for the evil choice. There will be blood, oh yes.

On that topic, you have the option (supposedly) to become pregnant. You are the only girl in the city that has “normal” fertility. That’s lore. You start as a virgin, but somehow every time you actually have sex, nothing happens as far as the in game statements to match.

In one path, you can fully piss off the guy that runs the city and he’ll be like “You owe me a child.” It states in the story he’s going to make that happen next time he sees you… up to this version, when he actually does see you again, about the time you go to the dojo you apparently train in all the time (aggravating for how weak in combat you actually are throughout the game) he makes you fight someone else, and does not follow through.

Manilla Shaw Blackmail Obsession - Police Station Scene
Manilla Shaw Blackmail Obsession – Police Station Scene

You can take on what amounts to a hulk character, where it fully states for the amount he finishes inside of you, you will be pregnant. The status screen afterward reads not pregnant. If it’s a paetron thing, fine. Mention that somewhere in the game. If there are only set scenes where she’s meant to actually get pregnant, fine.

Again, inform the player at the beginning, that way you don’t waste money trying to be fertile and have that happen. It simply won’t across the umpteen reloads I used to try and force the issue. There’s also the problem of fluctuation.

If she is the only one with a “normal cycle” that means, yes… when she’s ovulating, it’s a 50% shot minimum. Arguing for potency due to certain game mechanic/lore factors, it SHOULD be 100% if a set path is taken.



Double cum on face manila gameplay

I also have a problem with the one guy in the game which seems like he’d be the alpha catch thus far being unattainable and also insinuated to be the playboy. Every other male character in the game, every one including your asshole partner, wants to force you to sexual acts. The best any of the scenes come across as is coercion.

Now, one of the tags in the download page is or was r**e. It would be one thing if the partner was a down on his luck inept cop barely out of being rookie, but no. The guy has been a cop presumably as long as you, sucks with money and tries to start a relationship with you being the really not good catch you can see a mile away after the first time beating the intro.

Accepting him as a boyfriend doesn’t really change his path, it changes only some of the context. You’re going to be his bitch in his eyes, one way or another.

All that stated, the game has a LOT of potential as a fun story. There’s enough sci-fi, and possible avenue for mystical elements to come into play. It’s just that the developer seems to want the game to be Dark Souls in combat.

Police Girl Gets Two Dicks

Else balance is a lot harder in common sense than I thought. Now, the person behind this has done a good, not great but good, job of branching down two distinct paths. Good cop and bad cop. Rather even in the good cop, you can still be a very bad girl. However, the premise is held back by slightly unrealistic body standards for again only the token hero. It’s only almost rivaled by her “best friend” character, but Alison is still the second wheel here and always will be.

The problems with the pregnancy system are also a drawback to those it was put into place to draw specifically. I don’t think most people have the patience to reload ten to twenty times in a five minute motion scene that can slow the computer down graphically. It’s not skippable and I know that’s not the point, but to get one not particularly important benefit/detriment (depending on point of view) it’s a big ask investment regardless.

I will finish by saying, I like this game a lot. A whole lot, but I’m not blind to the problems in any game because of the very thorough way I play them. I can like a game, look at the pieces objectively, and point them out as diplomatically as possible.

Whether you gamers agree with me or not. At the end of the day, the point is, did you have fun? Fun is what this genre of game even alongside the state of RPG that I particularly invest in, is supposed to be. Over complicating systems or combat in general isn’t the point.

Foursome Sex Scene
Foursome Sex Scene

The variant choices and paths that can be taken lead to difficult enough investments if one wants to see all possible ends. As much as I love this game, barring the forced vibe in sex scenes, it needs to learn the meaning of the word “Protagonist.” Focusing a little more on the pro, and less on the Agonist. She gets drilled as it stands worse than a dentist.

Yes I know, many of you are probably gonna sue me for that one. Since I’m betting half the angry votes I get in reviews are hate for making you read, I’ll say so long for now. At least it’s not maths, I’m not that mean. I just gotta go invest in some better protection for this toon, and maybe a billion bullets. Heat-seeking preferably…

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