Mythic Manor – An interactive world to explore

Wolfe Hearte

Mythic Manor - An interactive world to explore

Hello fellow gamers, I’m back again to let you know in this game, you can really shake em down… (Points if you get the reference)

Do you love me, like so many of these harem style games, is very much the name of it.
You have no time limit as far as I’ve seen, to woo five main girls. You can seduce them all at once, but I warn you it is a daunting task.

Mythic Manor Android Por n Game Review

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Download Android Mythic Manor

I should know, I spent most of the day doing it today, and I only got to the end of all the content after far too many attempts to switch tabs in looking at the walkthrough.

The art style is similar to many of the games I’ve seen and some I’ve tried. It’s beautiful enough. I do have a bit of an issue with dimensions. There is a less than five foot girl who is eighteen in game, and has a thirty-six DDD rack.

There is also a woman who acts the matron of the manor. She is your mom’s best friend from childhood, who is the oldest of the group.

Mythic Manor Porn Game Review world to explore

She’s the ‘MILF’ character to a tee.

She is also the only one with a pregnant scene, but there is a problem. First, you have to almost complete every event to have the chance to access it, and second it’s a dream. It’s probably meant to foreshadow an eventual real thing. I get that. I can even state that one character implies she’ll give you a very important stone, which signifies marriage.

Another who is the requisite ‘bad girl’ of the group with the deepest shades of fem dom btw, implies she wants to be pregnant at some point. That is to say, when her friends at a strip club she works at (I did say bad girl, so of course) imply your Token Hero is her boyfriend, and one of them has been pregnant, there is a surprising tone of jealousy to the scene and a lack of denial that she wants you to be a ‘Daddy’ for keeps.

Mythic Manor Porn Game Review - An interactive world to explore

Now, that character doesn’t actually ever call you Daddy.

That honor belongs to a side character who also works at the strip club. She’s one of her friends, and looks very close to a lolli.
At least as close as I’m sure adult game devs mostly want to get for possible liability issues.As to the story, even if it’s a painfully convoluted mess in events due to a day schedule that has you vying to seduce girls at a LOT of the same time of day, it’s actually not badly done.

The Milf does not have to be the husky one, it’s implied she’s going to be extended in youthful look, so I don’t really understand why they chose to do that. Voluptuous doesn’t necessarily mean make her look fat.

The pregnant scene in dream actually makes it look worse. I think that might be graphical limitation more than anything, but I digress.

Mythic Manor Porn Game Review xxx blog

In story, you are a male in a house full of Mythics.

Creatures from myth that exist in reality and have interbred. In case you’re wondering why a human male would be allowed to live as the only one in a home for ‘monster girls’ Your mom was one. It is never stated in game (yet) what kind she was.

For simplicity’s sake, it is implied that the hybrids, or Half-Mythics, usually don’t inherit special abilities from their mythic parents. It’s not a spoiler, you will uncover that truth if you read the text in trying to seduce the females.

You as the token hero, by following the route of the sphinx character (who also has the smallest breasts and may truly be bisexual) learn that the above may not exactly hold true.

You for example are endowed very well for a human. It’s commented on near constantly. Like with the unreal dimensions, it’s part of the hentai mark.

Mythic Manor Porn Game Review

You can roll with it, or laugh at it. Either way, it’s all part of the deal.

Also, you cum a lot. The sphinx will give you a pill in more than one event to help production,
but you’ll never really need it. Again, hentai.
In course of pursuing the five main girls, there are others you can meet, which can also be pursued. However, the side characters are a massive pain in the ass to get done.

Five characters all at different locations depending on levels that go past twenty right now, and almost all events cross each other several times over as far as the time they can be activated. I found that very annoying.

Mythic Manor SEX Porn Game Review
One side character actually costs you over a grand just to get the option to get her to trust you enough to date her. Not that she ever calls it that.

Another side character won’t even admit that she’s a cam girl. That until you spent a great amount of nights watching her shows and can recognize her tattoos. Without the walkthrough the whole thing would be so frustrating. All but the most stubbornly perfectionist gamer would quit before they got half way.

Mythic Manor Porn Game Review 3D

The sex scenes in game are mostly just cock-teasing.

To be fair in the later levels, if you can figure out how to get them on your own more power to you, then there is actual sex and the option a lot of the time to simply come inside of her pussy.
Or to choose to. There is only one scene that does pregnancy, and again, it’s a dream. No matter how many other fetishes the game caters to, it loses a lot of points for that lack in my book. I’m not much into furries, though I don’t mind that the thousand dollar girl is a dog mythic.

To break it down by names the list is; Ester the Phoenix, best friend’s with Mom and the only pregnant scene in game right now. Naira, a water nymph. Bashful clutz who is really invested in your character and is the one with the stone I mentioned.

Velle, the ram demon, bad girl. Fanora, a deer (closest thing I could think of for her in myth is a little known greek creature called a Hind) the aforementioned thirty-six DDD eighteen-year-old. Nefari, the sphinx character whose research is very kinked, but might just flesh your character out as a mythic himself one day. Those are the main characters.

Mythic Manor Free Adult game review
Mythic Manor Free Adult game review

The major draw.
Now each has their flaws as far as I am concerned, but a lot of the game is also very endearing. The time investment of seducing them is only almost worth the aggrevation. I firmly believe that with a little less tease, a little more conviction and less fem-domming in game, it might be better. The days are segmented into four sections.

Morning, afternoon, evening and late night.
If you gave a girl a segment each and left one specifically for the ‘special bonding day’ of Sundays, it would be a better structure over all.

Myself, I’d vote Ester to Sunday. It’s a mandatory thing you can’t really skip, and she runs the house, so that would make sense. Because I’m at least somewhat able to do math I know they’d end up having to add a time segment at least.

You could break up the afternoon or the morning like they do the evening into late night.
It’s more fluid for a harem-style game to have that kind of structure.

On that subject, I did like that they include a way to make money, but it’s not as viable at all times as it needs to be.

One time, just once, I’d like the token hero to have the Bruce Wayne superpower and not have to worry about money. Or as a reversal, have the girl interested in being seduced actually eager enough to have me live there that she pays for me in full.

Mythic Manor Porn 3d sex Game Review

A part of me understands the realism, it isn’t easy to get a female to date you in reality.

Problem being it also unintentionally, and sometimes very much so, paints these females you’re supposed to want to chase as money hungry.

That has never been a sought after quality in a mate. Anyway, Wolfe should be spanked with a wet newspaper for getting too high on the soap box. Then again, most of us I’d bet are very dirty boys and girls, so a little soap could go a long way sometimes.

In closing, the devs created a great game as far as animations and overall character investment.
It is a pain in the ass to get everything done, but I also wanted a thorough review, so I did it all.
Any gamers out there who like harems might want to stick to just the mains, unless you like pain. And don’t mind wearing a corset.

Mythic Manor Android Porn Game Review - ESTHER
Yes I’m probably going to hell for that Disney reference. It’ll probably be the ram demon who sends me there. To meet the parents….*Shivers* In future updates anyway.
Check the game out and see for yourselves players… it’s a wild, and sometimes wicked ride. It’s also brilliant for those of us who happen to truly enjoy mythologies of many cultures, or really want to believe in magic. Whether in a young girl’s heart, or not.

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