Are you a game developer?

Let’s work together to change “the game”.
We’ve been working hard for the last couple of months to change our website and turn it into a platform designed to connect the developers with our users, to promote their games, and to offer them financial benefits.

What will the new platform bring you?

The new platform will help us work together with you to offer users the best games and services. You may be wondering how all this will help you? Long story short, we will help you promote your games and you will be able to monetize your work.
Here are some of your benefits?

Get money for every unlock for your game.
Link other platforms where people can support you.
Get your game promoted on the entire website
Gameplay and how to install video for your game
Get SEO promotions for your games.
Get new users from paid ads for your games.
Talk directly with our users that are commenting on your game
Your game presentation translated in more then 30 languages.

Let’s make it happen!

Together we can create the best match between developers and users! Join us and become our collaborator!

*Creating a platform that offers these benefits takes a lot of work and dedication, but we’re almost there. We will keep you updated on each step of the process. Thank you!


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