How to install and play our games

How to install an adult game:

First of all you need to download your favorite adult or porn game from After you’ve downloaded the game you must follow the steps below:

Ensure you have an unzip software installed on your pc or mac(book).
If you don’t have an unzip software installed, can download and install one of the following:

  1. Open downloads folder.
  2. Right click on the game and extract it into a separate folder.
  3. Open the folder where the game was extracted and run the game launcher.
  4. Enjoy the best adult game.

The following video explain you step by step how to install and play an multi part 3D Porn Game from

How to install multi part adult games:

Now the multi part games becomes very easy to play.
First of all as we mentioned above you need to have an unzip software. After that you must follow the steps below:

  1. Download the game
  2. Go to download folder
  3. Select all game parts.
  4. Extract them in one folder
  5. Open the folder and play the game by double clicking on launcher.
  6. Enjoy the 3D Porn Game.

The following video explain you step by step how to install and play an multi part 3D Porn Game from

How to install compressed parts of adult games

In generally the compressed parts of games are new features added to older version. Sometimes you can play compressed version without have access to saves or older route.
The compressed game can be overwritten on older version you have.
Down below we’ll show you how to overwrite the compressed file on older game version.

  1. Download the compressed file
  2. Open the downloads folder
  3. Right click on compressed file
  4. Extract them in one folder
  5. Open the folder
  6. Select all files
  7. Right click – Copy
  8. Paste the copied files in older game version folder ( Overwrite all).
  9. Double click on game launcher
  10. Enjoy

Thanks for reading this article and if you have any question about a game write them in comment section of it. Also if you have questions about RPG Games read the following article: RPG GAMES


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